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John, 50, Bristol, Irish Guards Regular & Royal Artillery Reservist

By Walking With The Wounded on

Every penny you raise for Walking Home For Christmas will support people like John...

Served 17 years with active service in N.Ireland, Bosnia and Kosovo.  

Diagnosed with PTSD post discharge after witnessing the atrocities of genocide in Kosovo. At the time his condition was not recognised and he was expected to “man up and get on with the job”.

Struggled being back on ‘civvy street’ - he felt abandoned and isolated, his home life deteriorated and he separated from his wife, was unable to work and for a time was living in his car.

“I was left to my own devices, I felt lost, worthless and contemplating suicide. I was in a very dark place and knew I had to get my finger out and get help.”

John was supported by a WWTW Employment Advisor in Bristol to help set up his own business using the skills and experience that he had gained in the Army as a dog handler.

“I knew what I wanted to do, I just wasn’t sure how to achieve it. WWTW were totally behind me, they worked through my options, gave me direction, and got me on track. My Employment Advisor gave me solid advice but also the confidence and self-belief that I needed. He regularly keeps in touch.” - John