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Robert, 52, ex Royal Artillery and RAF

By Walking With The Wounded on

 ‘WWTW meant absolutely everything. They really cared, and now I am a lot better man than I have been for years.’  

Robert enlisted in the Army and joined the Royal Artillery, serving for 8 years. 

10 years later, in 2006, Robert re-enlisted with 609 (West Riding) Squadron RAF Reserves, and was deployed to Afghanistan with 3 Squadron RAF Regiment (Regular Unit). It was a ‘full-on’ tour lasting 7 months. Robert began to experience problems adjusting to civilian life - he couldn’t sleep or cope with life and he was unable to understand why. He struggled on for five years but eventually his mental health got the better of him and he had a breakdown in March 2013.  

In 2017, after years of trying to get help, his need for support was finally identified and he was referred to WWTW. The Head Start team at WWTW swiftly arranged for Robert to receive EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy).

After 12-14 sessions of treatment Robert had clarity and a better understanding of his feelings. It provided him with immense relief and the skills and knowledge of how to manage his life and trauma better.

‘I was very doubtful about EMDR therapy at first but it really did work. My issues will always be there but now I have adapted and I know how to manage my feelings.’

Robert has since decreased his stress levels at work and is now happily employed as a HGV driver. He has tremendous support from his family who have always been 100% behind him.