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Top WHFC stories from 2019 to inspire you...

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We value every one of our fundraisers.THANK YOU for all of your fundraising, you have helped to support 160+ veterans. Take a look at some of our favourite stories from Walking Home For Christmas this year:

Getting the kids involved...

7 year old Myiah walked 1 mile home from school everyday from the 1st Nov until the end of term, raising just over £380. She even got the opportunity to walk laps of the pitch at Rangers FC (her favourite team).

Jen Cowley and her son Harry walked 6 miles to school, setting off at a 5.15am to make it in time for his first lesson of the day, raising a grand total of £926.25.

The challenge seekers...

Graham Mckenna ran 50 miles home from Corsham back to Bridgwater, raising just over £1,000, his run for Walking Home was part of his training for his world-record breaking attempt next year to run the most marathons on a treadmill in 6 days.

Actor and director, Stuart Brennan, walked 113 miles over the course of 5 days, from Lands End to Barnstaple. He hosted screenings of his new film 'Tomorrow' along his walk, raising £550

Regional Amazon teams, Amazon Man3, and Amazon Peak Connectiontook part in a 24 hour walk, covering 52 miles, between 3 Amazon depos in Greater Manchester. Together they raised a grand total of £566.

Bringing the community together...

Barbara Fairclough, brought her friends and family together to complete a 12 mile walk along the Lancashire coastal path. Barbara's community get-together raised just over £880.

Completing his 4th annual walk, and raising £220, Geraint Pugh invited his community to join him in his 3.5 mile walk from Pin Mill Studio to Shotley.

Some of our other favourite stories...

Andrew Palmer took his walk abroad, raising £160 by completing 3 miles everyday on his week-long holiday upon a P&O cruise of the Mediterranean

Dean Aslett has taken his walk to the gym, completing 227 miles, the equivalent from his home in Braintree to the Catterick Barracks. So far Dean has raised over £900.

Tim Winter and co. completed a 35 mile walk in 12 hours, raising £250, starting from RAF Lyneham and finishing up at RAF Brize Norton.