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Walks of the Week

By Walking With The Wounded on

Walking Home For Christmas officially kicks off this Thursday, but many of you have already completed or are currently doing their walks....

Wayne Mysiuk, is currently walking the entire 268 miles of the Pennines Way in 14 days, accompanied by Coco the labrador, (see right). 

Over the weekend, Duane Watkinson, (4th December 2020), and his friend Andrew Simms,walked back home for Christmas from Swinton Barracks, Tidworth, to shippon in Abingdon. cover a distance of 43 miles in 13 hrs.

Army Cadet - Niquita Potter, from Devon Army Cadet Force took on a walk in her local area over the weekend to help raise funds for those who have served. Thank you Niquita! 

WWTW Employment Advisor, Alex Todino took a walk with five veteran to challenge themselves and give back.They walked approximately 10 miles from Frimley Park hospital, where [WWTW Beneficiary] Matt's life was saved in 2018, along the canal to Aldershot, which is home to most of the group.