Keeping you safe during Covid-19

With the introduction of the Government’s Plan B for England, we wanted to reassure all of our participants that Walking Home For Christmas is a safe event where the risks to you, your colleagues, friends and loved ones is very small.

Your safety is our top priority and here are some top tips from us all at Walking With The Wounded for this year’s event:

  • Stay socially distanced on your walk, whether its one meter or two always keep some space between you and your fellow walkers!
  • Wear a facemask and a hi-viz, which are easily available from our shop here.
  • Use our risk assessment to plan out your walk ensuring that you keep everyone safe
  • Repurpose your walk – if you’re now working from home and cant get together with your colleagues why not all do walk around your homes and meet up virtually afterwards to celebrate what you’ve achieved together?
  • Delay your walk if required to – nothing is more important than your safety and so your event doesn’t have to be set in stone. If you want to do it after christmas then that’s absolutely fine with us! Your support is very much appreciated whenever and however it comes.