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999 Challenge - Walking Home For Christmas

£4,206.89 raised

Hi I'm Simon Johnson the 999 Challenge Team Leader, a veteran and a beneficiary of the WWTW Head Start programme.
To support both WWTW and H4H I have raised this challenge and this invite is sent out for anyone, wherever you are to join up and do your own walk:-
9 MILES at
9 AM on

Set your target fundraising goal at £99.90p or 'go large' with £999.00!!

The 'emergency' numbers theme is set to fundraise and help our vulnerable veterans that have mental health issues; are caught up within the Criminal Justice System; and where required help get them back into employment through the Walking With The Wounded / Help For Heroes programmes.

Once you have signed up and linked into the 999 Challenge invite your family, friends and work colleagues to do likewise and join you on your walk. Let me know where you will do the walk and we share it to promote support.
As one 999 Challenge Community we can collaboratively make one BIG difference to this years Walking Home For Christmas event.
Thank you

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Avatar Name Raised
Icon si Simon Johnson
Team Leader
Icon f869a75d 25bd 4406 bc83 639fe241abc8 Ian Pringle £961.65
Icon received 2166798193576501 Sam Phillips £330.95
Icon profilepic Steve Cambers £247.65
Icon profilepic John Phillips £222.74
Icon logo whfc badge2 Darren Sutton £215.27

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Status Updates

Status Update

'Tis the eve of the 999 Challenge so good luck to all those that have signed up and be very proud of what you are doing in supporting WWTW and HfH.
One last push for more donations please.

Status Update

Great that the team strength has now reached eight members and raised nearly £2500.00 already.
Still room for anyone else to join and do the 9 miles at 9 am on 9 December wherever you are.

Status Update

This 999 Challenge is set for anyone, wherever you are to join as one team and walk 9 miles at 9am on 9 December.
Set your individual fundraising target at £99.90p or go large with £999.00.
Then together as one group across the country we can manage the 'emergency' of helping our vulnerable veterans on this 999 Challenge.

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