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Whitchurch to Overton Annual WHFC

£5,901.46 raised

Welcome to the fifth year of Walking Home for Christmas. If you've made it this far, then you've already agreed to take part.
All you need to do now is:
1. Register yourself on the WHFC site (you're there already if you're reading this) - this will trigger your pack (WHFC hat etc) to be sent out to you.
2. Ask to join our team - search for "Overton", "Whitchurch" or "Marsh", and you should find the team page, then click to join.
3. Make your donation - we're suggesting £25 per walker, as per last year, but feel free to add more. It's all in an excellent cause.
4. Turn up on 20 December (details below).
That's it. We have an excellent turnout this year, and it would be great to beat last year's total........
See you on 20 Dec. Any issues, let us know.

BACKGROUND: For those of you who don’t know, Walking Home for Christmas is an event run by Walking with the Wounded across the country.
The basic principle is that, on 20 December, we go for an evening walk and everyone donates £25 to the Walking with the Wounded, which is enough for a veteran to get a bed and Christmas dinner. Nationwide, Walking with the Wounded are targeting to raise over £250,000 this year through this event.

FORMAT: As last year, the plan is to walk from Whitchurch Station back to our cars in Overton, with a half time pit stop at our house in Laverstoke/Freefolk for mulled wine and nibbles, then a celebratory pint in Overton. The walk takes a couple of hours, but there will be several pit stops at the start, along the way and at the end.

Date: Thursday 20 December

Departure: the official start of the walk is from Whitchurch station at 18:20, but you can choose from several potential meeting places:
* At Waterloo in the front carriage of the 17:20 train
* At the White Hart in Overton at 17:15 for a quick pint before walking up to Overton station and catching the same train
* At Overton station to board the same train at 18:15
* At 18:20 at Whitchurch station to coincide with the arrival of the same train

Route: from Whitchurch back to Overton, almost all off-road (head torches & wellies/walking boots required), along the river Test, through the fields and along the Harrow Way. About 2 hours walking / 7 miles.
Halfway(-ish), we will stop in Laverstoke/Freefolk at our house, to be refuelled with festive drinks and nibbles.
As last year, wives are very much invited – they can of course walk, or they can simply meet us at our house in Laverstoke/Freefolk (which proved the most popular choice with the wives last year)
Back in Overton we will finish with a pint in the White Hart (again, wives invited too)

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Avatar Name Raised
Icon logo whfc badge2 James Marsh
Team Leader
Icon logo whfc badge2 Christopher Normand £252.67
Icon logo whfc badge2 George Prest £241.40
Icon untitled Charles Seligman £162.87
Icon logo whfc badge2 Jimmy Hibbert £51.64
Icon logo whfc badge2 Stuart Miners £51.45

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Status Updates

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£2,812.82 from Aspect Capital

Congratulations Chris and Team - great effort!

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Huge thanks - what a difference that makes!!!

Status Update

Thanks to everyone who took part. Here's the "before" picture in the White Hart in Whitchurch. See you for the next WHFC in Dec 2019!

Small white hart whitchurch 2018 whfc
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£25.00 from Angus Macdonald

Gift Aid +£6.25

Well done to all the team! Sorry I couldn't join you.
All the best for a very happy, healthy & successful 2019 and congratulations on raising so much money.

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£25.00 from Annie Rainsford

Gift Aid +£6.25

Happy Birthday. x

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£25.00 from Anonymous

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£36.08 from Oliver Tregoning

Gift Aid +£9.02

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£40.00 from Wilaf Moore

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£25.82 from Anonymous

Gift Aid +£6.46

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£25.00 from Christopher Reeve

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£51.45 from Tom C-S

Gift Aid +£12.86

Great cause Chris. I know you'll be setting the (correct) pace.. S&B

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