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Chris Barr

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Target: £1,000


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Walking With The Wounded

So many people have raised money for wounded service men and women - I haven't and I thought it was time to do so. Mental health is rightly attracting increased attention and airtime and is a major focus of this charity. I hope that my small efforts in Walking Home For Christmas will provide some additional funding for the cause. The last time I sought sponsorship was at school, doing a 24 hour tricycle race. All these years later my mother is still moaning about how far we tricycled and much she had to pay up! I am not a serial fund raiser and don't pretend that my 15 mile walk home on Christmas Eve will be an extraordinary feat. However, if you were able to support me and this wonderful charity, I would be immensely grateful. Thank you, Chris

Status Updates

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£25.00 from Jonathan Smithie's Charitable Settlement

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£130.00 from Anonymous

Gift Aid +£32.50

Many thanks to all those who gave me cash donations

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£50.00 from Giles Greenwood

Great Job Chris, apologies for the delay in getting this done but hopefully this time iyt will work.


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£50.00 from Amanda Vail

Gift Aid +£12.50

Well done love all the Vails xx

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Thank you very much Amanda and Dom. Hope you’re having a good ski. X
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£51.45 from Libby Blakey

A brilliant worthwhile cause. How amazing, well done.

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Very generous- thank you Liberty! Xx
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£25.00 from Catherine Banner

Gift Aid +£6.25

Well done Chris. Sorry it’s rather late .

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Many thanks, Catherine. Glad I’m not doing it today - snowing here! X
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£25.82 from Tom Roberts

Gift Aid +£6.46

Congrats Chris! I trust most of it was on all fours?

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£50.00 from Simon Griggs

Gift Aid +£12.50

Good effort sport

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Many thanks, Spunker.
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£15.00 from Emma Barr

Gift Aid +£3.75

Better late than never-just wanted to make sure you didn’t complain too much... So proud of you Papa, well done! Xxx

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£15.58 from Richard Fairgrieve

Gift Aid +£3.90

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