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Kevin Lane

£1,847.84 raised

Target: £500


I know there are many ex-service veterans out there who are much less fortunate than I am - so I'm walking to give something back by supporting the charities that support them.

I'm literally going to walk home from my place of work; a distance of about 80km (50 miles) and with a height gain of over 1000m (3280ft). So please support me and give generously. Thank you.

Status Updates

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£15.00 from Sam Chadwick

Gift Aid +£3.75

Good luck Kev! We'll buy you plenty of drinks at the Christmas party to help you on your way ;)

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£102.70 from Xenint

Best wishes from all at Xenint

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£50.00 from Nick McCullough

Gift Aid +£12.50


Good luck with the hangover.
I'm sure it will be testing at times.
good effort fella.


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£15.58 from stuart williams

Gift Aid +£3.90

Good luck Kev for a great cause. That is a fair old tab and no mean feat. We wont be able to see you off as we are away on business, but our thoughts will be with you all the way.

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£50.00 from Chris Corlett

Gift Aid +£12.50

Nice one Kev, good luck. You will be home in time for naafi break!

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£15.00 from Colin M

Glad to hear from you. Hope you have settled in.
Great thing you are doing. Stay in touch.
Colin M

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£25.82 from Steve Matthews

Best of luck Kev!

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£25.00 from Tony Rae

Gift Aid +£6.25

Don't forget to wear your Hi Vis Kev! Good luck!

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£30.95 from Andy H

Gift Aid +£7.74

Good effort Kev, you are aware they are removing the Toll from the bridge so I’m guessing this isn’t a money saving exercise.
Obviously you are off your nut but it’s a very worthy cause so best of luck with it.

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£51.45 from James Forster

Gift Aid +£12.86

Go Kev, make those wee legs whirl 😂

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