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Kevin Lane

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Target: £500


I know there are many ex-service veterans out there who are much less fortunate than I am - so I'm walking to give something back by supporting the charities that support them.

I'm literally going to walk home from my place of work; a distance of about 80km (50 miles) and with a height gain of over 1000m (3280ft). So please support me and give generously. Thank you.

Status Updates

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£30.95 from Claire Hemmings

Gift Aid +£7.74

Hopefully you’ll be home before Xmas !!! Great cause Kev!

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£20.70 from Ewan

Good effort Kev - don't get lost !

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£51.45 from Neil Barker

Gift Aid +£12.86

Comment about leg length is harsh, but fair. Good luck mate, take GPS otherwise you will never get there and I take it you are going to be carrying at least 50lbs of rocks in your Bergen, just to make it a bit more of a challenge?

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£51.45 from Julian Barber

Gift Aid +£12.86

Mmmm, after your Christmas Party 🥳. Good luck with that!!

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£25.00 from Alistair Fairweather

Gift Aid +£6.25


Not only will you be walking home from the X-Mas party half pissed, but with your short legs it will feel like twice the distance!

Good Luck.


PS - Should I suggest that Jim Hook gets his Atlantic rowing boat out to get you across the Severn?

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£51.45 from Anonymous

Gift Aid +£12.86

A little something to kick things off!

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