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Mark Caul

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Target: £1,500


To raise funds in support of vulnerable veterans and their families. I also wish to support a colleague who has been effected by this.

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£25.82 from Gary Tee

Hi Mark
Well done to you and Team Tesco, great job and worthy cause.

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£10.45 from Anonymous

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I think I know who this is, Andy? Anyway, thank you for you support. Awesome and I’ll say thanks on that community board as well. Mark
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£25.00 from Ben Elkington

Well done Mark and the rest of the team

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Ben You are awesome. Thank you for your donation, and thanks for all your support last year as well. Have a great christmas. Mark
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£15.00 from james Nash

good luck

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Thank you James. I will raise a glass of wine to you (not just any wine in a glass, but a dragons den beating wine in the glass). The Tesco packaging team thank you on behalf of our heroes. Mark
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£15.00 from Ginny Samel

All the best with this Mark, it is an amazing charity.

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Thank you Ginny, this is a lovely and most welcome gesture, the big day is tomorrow, pictures to come. Mark
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£102.70 from Sealed Air Corp Food Care Division

Mark, Thank you for inspiring us.
Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. By Matsuo Basho.

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To every one at sealed air and in particular to Gonzalo, I am humbled by your contribution. You have made an important difference to the charity and that's so important. Thank you all so much. Regards and best wishes, mark
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£25.00 from Andy Stratton

Great cause, Mark.
Congratulations on commitment and hope you achieve your target.


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Dear andy. I thought you had forgotten for a second. I should have known you would not forget little old me. You are a gentleman for helping the cause. I owe you a wee drink I think. Thanks my friend.
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£10.45 from Nancy Clark

Amazing cause. Here’s just a little something towards your target x

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Thank you Nancy. Your a superstar.
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£102.70 from Solent Group

Good luck Mark - fantastic cause! I am sure walking will be quicker than the drive in last Tuesday :-) Anne

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Dear Anne and Solent. Thank you all so much for your donation. This is the one that got me over the £1000 mark, earning me a downloadable badge from walking for the wounded. More importantly, a little more help for those that need it.
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£10.00 from Gary Freeman

Nice one Mark, enjoy.

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Gary, you superstar. thank you ever so much. nearly at the 1000 mark, yaaay

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£3,546.51 raised

Target: £5,000.00


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