Your mission this Christmas might not win you medals but it will make a massive difference to all those who served and need our help and support. By raising vital funds it will enable us to continue to provide urgent mental health care, right where its needed most. It will also give your own story to tell over Christmas:

  • You’ll feel proud.
  • You’ll create unforgettable memories.
  • You will be the focal point for your family, friends and colleagues’ charity activities this Christmas.
  • You’ll support ex-military who’ve walked in far more dangerous places for us.


  • RESILIENCE. Taking on a challenge whatever the weather – put in perspective by the experiences of our ex-military.
  • FRIENDSHIP. It’s the perfect excuse to call old friends. To ensure they’ve not been left behind from lockdown and have a shared adventure.
  • NETWORKING. Spend time with people you need to spend time with while doing good.
  • FITNESS. Have a goal in the diary to get fit for. Or use it as a kickstarter...
  • MENTAL HEALTH. Walking can improve your well-being, relieving anxiety and depression and sparking creativity.
  • PROMOTION. Use it as a tool to engage staff or customers and show your firm's support for ex-military.

Sign up to Walking Home For Christmas


The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation ensuring those who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

By taking part in Walking Home For Christmas you are showing your support and if you can get your employer or organisation involved it is a simple way for them to activate or start their commitment to the covenant and work towards their bronze, silver or gold employer recognition awards.


Please ensure that you are following the latest government guidance on Covid-19 to stay safe and secure. It is a cold and dark time of year so please ensure you are properly dressed, have the right footwear if it is wet or icy and make sure you are lit up like a Christmas tree if you are walking on a road and drinking responsibly if going home via a pub.