We have a new mission this Christmas – to ensure no-one is left behind from lockdown. Your mission is therefore to support all those who served and deserve our help by walking home or somewhere important to you to raise vital funds. The more creative the better, anytime 10-20 December. Remember, small steps can make a big difference.

Walking Home For Christmas is Walking With The Wounded's annual, nationwide walking challenge to support our work with the NHS - empowering ex-military and their families who are in a downward spiral due to poor mental health to thrive once more.

Over the past seven years, thousands of people have done their own, memorable, solo and team walks. They've walked home, to a war memorial, to their old barracks, carried a Christmas tree to a friend. All manner of walks, getting out and showing support for those who have served.


The coronavirus crisis has created huge challenges for us as a charity to be able to continue supporting ex-military and their families in need of urgent mental health support. But this event can be COVID-compliant. It will be rewarding, memorable, exhilarating and impactful.

The gritty reality is that your participation will help save jobs, homes and lives.

"I just can't thank WWTW enough - you've changed my life and my family's life. My role as a partner and father is now far better than I could ever have imagined. I felt a huge weight had been lifted. The nightmares and the sound of children screaming stopped."
Shaun, ex Grenadier Guard & WWTW beneficiary who served in Afghanistan.

That's worth stepping out of your comfort zone for.


  • Walk 12 miles of Christmas on 12th December.
  • Do a good deed with your walk by delivering a parcel or a series of presents.
  • Walk from an NHS site, war memorial or barracks to your home or a pub.
  • Create your own Strava Art message to map out your support.
  • See some of our favourite walker stories from last year.
  • See how businesses have used it to engage staff.
  • See the best military walks from last year.


  • Map out a walk that raises an eyebrow and complies with local restrictions.
  • Do something different that will prompt your friends and colleagues to donate.
  • Give hope to ex-military in need of mental health care who can thrive once again.
  • Serve those who served us and sign up today for your Santa hat.

Your Impact

“In the Army you believe you’re invincible and that nothing is going to hurt you. But when you come out you realise you’re not Superman and that what can hurt you may well not be physical but might be something inside. It took a long time getting to the point where I admitted I needed to speak to somebody.” Duncan, ex Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, now back in work and able to buy his son presents.

They have walked in far more dangerous places for us so it is time for us to put in some serious social distance for them.


Walking Home For Christmas 2021

Hear from Walking With The Wounded’s Head of Income Joel Oxberry as he talks about the difference that you can make to this years’ Walking Home For Christmas campaign and how you can help us to ensure that no-one is left behind from lockdown.

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