Thank you for getting involved in Walking Home For Christmas. Please see below a few rules and regulations to keep you safe and ensure we can deliver the event as smoothly as possible and to raise as much money as we can to give hope to veterans and their families who are struggling this Christmas.

Walking Home For Christmas 2018 (“the Event”)

Terms & Conditions

By signing up to the Event, you:

Roles and responsibilities:




(a) any damage to, or loss of personal property or

(b) any accident or injury which does not result from the negligence of The Charities arising directly or indirectly or in any manner whatsoever out of or in connection with the Event.

Dos and Don’ts :



  • You must ensure you have proper clothing, comfortable walking shoes and waterproofs.
  • Don’t allow under18s at the date of your walk be unaccompanied
  • Be responsible for your own fitness and health to take part in the event, and have consulted a doctor about your participation if you have a medical condition or concerns.

Don’t be over competitive this is a fun event

  • Take extreme care while on roads, especially country lanes, obey the highway code and if walking cross country obey the country code and take all litter home with you. Use torches and lights so that you are visible.
  • Don’t be noisy when walking in groups in residential areas, particularly at night.

Wear hi vis and use torches and lights if walking on roads at any time as part of the Event.

  • Don’t behave in a way that causes offence to fellow pedestrians or the public generally, and does not in any way bring The Charities into disrepute.
  • If you stop off at or finish at a pub, please drink responsibly and ensure no one drinks and drives. Book a taxi.

Team walks:

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