Thank you for getting involved in Walking Home For Christmas. Please see below a few rules and regulations to keep you safe and ensure we can deliver the event as smoothly as possible and to raise as much money as we can to give hope to veterans and their families who are struggling this Christmas.

Walking Home For Christmas 2021 (“the Event”)

Terms & Conditions

By signing up to the Event, you:

  • Undertake to walk or run a route and distance of your choice anywhere in the world, in order to raise funds for Walking With The Wounded's (“WWTW”) programmes supporting ex-military and their families.
  • Understand that WWTW reserves the right to alter the dates and conditions of the Event without notice and/or cancel the event in consultation with stakeholders although only where absolutely necessary and appropriate.
  • Acknowledge that the Event is a fundraising event in aid of WWTW exclusively. WWTW is a registered charity in England and Wales (no. 1153497) and Scotland (no. SC047760).
  • Understand that by signing up to participate that you will endeavour to fundraise for WWTW.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Agree to be a good ambassador for WWTW before, during and after your walk.
  • Acknowledge that the Event is organised by WWTW in order to raise funds to support those who served.
  • Agree to adhere to the latest Government guidance and any local restrictions on Covid-19 and take full responsibility for doing so.


  • Agree to deliver all fundraising that you generously raise directly to WWTW by the methods stipulated on the Event website within a month of completing your walk or by the end of 31 January 2022.
  • Agree that no funds raised will be paid to any charity other than WWTW unless specifically otherwise agreed in advance with WWTW.
  • Agree only to use lawful means to fundraise for WWTW and not to bring WWTW's name into disrepute.
  • You agree not to:
    • Raise funds by carrying out house-to-house collections;
    • Collect funds in any public place without first obtaining a collector's licence from the appropriate local authority (usually local council or police);
    • Collect on private property (including shops, pubs etc) without first obtaining the permission of the owner;
    • Shake collection tins or buckets, as this is prohibited by law;
    • Organise any raffle or lottery without first obtaining permission from WWTW.


  • Understand that your place in the Event is not confirmed until you have received confirmation from WWTW. You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Acknowledge that registration is free on the understanding that you will maximise your fundraising for WWTW


  • Agree that, while WWTW cannot exclude liability for personal injury or death caused by their own negligence, you undertake the Event entirely at your own risk and will not hold WWTW responsible for:

(a) any damage to, or loss of personal property or

(b) any accident or injury which does not result from the negligence of WWTW arising directly or indirectly or in any manner whatsoever out of or in connection with the Event.

Dos and Don’ts :



  • You must ensure you have proper clothing, comfortable walking shoes and waterproofs.
  • Don’t allow under 13s at the date of your walk be unaccompanied
  • Be responsible for your own fitness and health to take part in the event, and have consulted a doctor about your participation if you have a medical condition or concerns.

Don’t be over competitive this is a fun event

  • Take extreme care while on roads, especially country lanes, obey the highway code and if walking cross country obey the country code and take all litter home with you. Use torches and lights so that you are visible.
  • Don’t be noisy when walking in groups in residential areas, particularly at night.
  • Wear hi vis and use torches and lights if walking on roads at any time as part of the Event.
  • Don’t behave in a way that causes offence to fellow pedestrians or the public generally, and does not in any way bring WWTW into disrepute.
  • If you stop off at or finish at a pub, please drink responsibly and ensure no one drinks and drives. Book a taxi.
  • Don't take part if you have any covid symptoms or should be self-isolating - you can still come up with an innovative alternative within your home or garden.
  • Take necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, stay safe and keep others safe by using facemasks, hand santiser and maintaining social distance where necessary in line with government guidelines.

Team walks:

  • People who create teams must be aged 13 or over at the time of signing up.
  • Team leaders are members of the public who have volunteered to lead a walk in their area and help raise funds for WWTW.
  • WWTW reserves the right at any time to ask a team leader to amend or cancel this walk at its sole discretion and cannot be responsible for any loss to the team leader as a result.
  • Team leaders are covered by WWTW’s public liability insurance. This covers them only in the event that a legal claim for damages is made against them alleging that they were negligent on a walk. It is not personal accident or medical cover insurance.
  • Team leaders are provided with information on best practices for planning and leading a walk, including health and safety and risk assessments.
  • Team leaders are not trained walking leaders therefore participants who join a ‘team’ do so at their own risk. Anyone under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or another adult 13 or over who is responsible for them.
  • Team leaders are not vetted by WWTW. If you have any concerns about anyone hosting a walk for this campaign please call WWTW on 01263 863 902.

Privacy policy


  • We hope you don’t have any and we work hard to try and foresee issues but should you have any complaints then please do get in touch via [email protected] or call 01263 863 902 and speak to a member of WWTW staff as soon as possible.

Force Majeure

  • WWTW will not be liable for any issues arising from a force majeure event which prevents its delivery of the Event in any way, including (but not limited to) acts of God, threats of terrorism, industrial action, Covid-19 outbreak, and/or other events outside its control.

Law and Jurisdiction

  • These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and the courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction to hear or settle any dispute or claim arising from them.

Walking Home For Christmas Survey Competition - This competition is run by Walking With The Wounded (WWTW).

1. Eligibility and Entry

1.1 You must have completed the WHFC Survey and submitted your email address in order to be entered into the competition.

2. Selection of winner

2.1 The winner will be contacted via the [email protected]

2.2 The deadline for entry is 12pm on 1st February 2022 and the winner will be announced at 3pm on the same day.

2.3 The winner will receive a custom WWTW Hoodie.

3. Administration

3.1 We take your privacy seriously and promise to never sell your data. You can find out more about your rights, how we use your personal information and how we keep your details safe and secure by reading our Privacy Policy which can be found at For more information or to withdraw your consent to us processing your data, contact our data officer at [email protected] or on 01263 863900.

3.2 These terms and conditions are available on request by calling WWTW on 01263 863900 or on our website. Should the terms and conditions be amended, these avenues will be updated for entrants review. If printed, this is not a controlled document.

3.3 WWTW reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason at its absolute discretion, and reserves the right to vary the Terms and Conditions of entry, and alter the timeline, as may be deemed necessary. Any amendments will be published here.

3.4 WWTW reserves the right to cancel the competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in their opinion, or if circumstances arise outside their control.