Our Goal for #WHFC 2022

£250,000 Fundraising target


Could fund an emergency food shop for a Veteran


Could fund a private 1-2-1 therapy session for a Veteran, beginning the process of addressing their mental health needs


Could fund a course of therapy, giving a Veteran the tools they need to support their mental health, now and in the future

We have raised
Our target
1,256 Walkers
101 Teams
£105,675 Raised so far
Viveca Johnstone donated £20.70
Phil Mckraken donated £102.70
Jamie Clibery donated £75.00
Caf & Tony donated £20.00
Charlie Millar donated £265.00
Adrian Orandle donated £10.00
Andy Luces donated £10.00
Darren Ellis donated £10.00
Alan Todd donated £140.00
Anthony Kitto donated £10.00


Fundraiser Spotlight

Andrew Schofield

London to Manchester, a distance of just over 350km, alone!

Andrew will be walking from the Cenotaph in London to Manchester Cenotaph, a distance of just over 350km - alone, and in just 5 days. He will be carrying full kit and equipment, sleeping under canvas each night, and navigating the route in probable harsh conditions.

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What is Walking Home For Christmas?

Walking Home For Christmas is our annual, nationwide walking challenge to support our work helping wounded veterans re-ignite their sense of purpose and get back on their feet with positive physical and mental health. Over the previous 9 years of the campaign, you've raised a massive £1,855,104, changing lives and shaping futures of veterans and their families. Let's add to that amazing total and this Christmas – MAKE IT HAPPEN for them.

1. Sign up

Sign up to the Walking Home For Christmas challenge

2. Fundraise

Ask family, friends and workmates to sponsor you

3. Walk

Take part in your own walk or join one of ours between 9th - 20th December 2022

4. Make a difference

Help ex-service Men and Women to get back on their feet

Where does the money go?

At the heart of our mission is a simple belief - that those who served, deserve.

Whether mentally wounded, socially wounded or physically wounded, they deserve the care, support and means they and their families need to function in society, serving in the communities in which they live, reigniting their sense of purpose and making a positive contribution again. Walking With The Wounded gets those who’ve served – and their families - back on their feet. Your support and fundraising will help make a critical difference this Christmas and beyond.

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Mental Health Care

Volunteering to support those struggling

Care coordination

Be inspired by Shaun's story

Hear from Shaun, as he shares his story of how he worked with WWTW to turn his life around and how he now invites all of us to help reignite another veteran's sense of purpose this Christmas.

Walking Home For Christmas

Walking With The Wounded's annual, nationwide walking challenge

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