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Here are some answers to questions our users ask.

No. It can be a creative or challenging alternative – somewhere that is important to you. Walk from or to a barracks, war memorial, point of interest, pick a daily mileage target, walk the date e.g. 12 miles on the 12th Dec, walk up a particular hill, bring old friends together for a catch up. Whatever is challenging for you or has a particular story attached to it. Taking part and raising money for the cause is what counts. Here are some top WHFC stories to inspire you.

Nothing! If you’re good enough to organise your friends, to get out in the cold and undertake a challenge and raise money for the cause then we welcome you with open arms to our event. Thank you.

By signing up and making a £5 donation to get your fundraising going (which helps us to cover the cost of the packs), you will receive a welcome pack and information on who we support and ideas for your walk. Packs will be sent out from 14th November. If you’re just setting up your page for the time being and are yet to get started on the fundraising – don’t worry about your pack – when you’ve received your first donation a pack will come out in the post to you.

We know how hard you will be working (and walking!) to raise money for Walking With The Wounded. So this year we’ve introduced some goodies to reward you for your efforts:

  • If you raise over £50 you will be eligible for a Walking With The Wounded red beanie hat. This should be generated automatically but if this has not come out in the post after a week please get in touch with the team.
  • If you raise over £250 you will be eligible for a Walking With The Wounded fleece. Please get in touch with the team [email protected] to arrange.

You can also visit our online shop to purchase other items from Walking With The Wounded.

Yes, if you prefer. These are only guidelines to give the campaign a focus. You are welcome to take on your walk anytime and any date that suits you. We are hugely grateful for your fundraising efforts.

When you sign up via WalkingHomeForChristmas.com, your online giving page is set up automatically under your personalised profile URL. Please note we are unable to link other online giving pages to your WHFC profile. But if you are raising money on another page e.g. JustGiving or a Facebook Fundraiser, or collecting cash, please make sure you tell us and send us a screen grab (or pay it in if it is cash) so we can be aware of this and add any money we receive to the total on your WHFC profile page.

Absolutely. It’s the reason we’re running the campaign – to support those who have walked in far more dangerous situations for us so they can support themselves and their families again next Christmas. We could not continue to support all those who have served without your fundraising. We know its not always easy so remember the difference you are making to veterans and their families.

Could you raise £50? That’s just £10 from five friends. Use the sweepstake sheet available to download and you’ve already got £30 at least….

Every £1,254 raised will fund a course of therapy, giving a veteran the tools to support their mental health needs now and in the future. It can save jobs, marriages, homes and lives.

Need support or ideas? We’re here to help. Email [email protected] or call 07761747029.


Simple. Please go to our Strength in Numbers page and follow the instructions.

Login, navigate to your team page and you'll see an option to share a link via email. Click the email icon, then send the email to the relevant person. You can also add people to your team who are doing the same walk as you as you in a different location or at a different time so you can see your collective impact. e.g. All walking 10 miles on the 10th December at 10am.

Yes please. Simply go to the sign up page. Thanks for coming back for more!

There are three ways of taking part:

  1. Sign up, create your profile, get your pack and lead your group on a walk encouraging them to donate to your fundraising page on www.WalkingHomeForChristmas.com or collect cash.
  2. Sign up, create a team and use the invite button to invite each of your friends so they can register and receive their own Santa hats, packs and emails about the campaign and how your money is making a difference.
  3. Sign up, create a team and choose to allow anyone to join you. Then share the link to your team walk via social media, local groups etc (making sure you have included all the relevant details) to encourage others to join you.

There is a template poster available on the website for you to rally your friends or workmates. You can then encourage them to sign up online at www.WalkingHomeForChristmas.com and get their own Santa hats.

This year we won’t be running our organised walks, sticking with the tried and tested model of supporting your fabulous walks up and down the country. If you are interested in seeing if there is a walk near you, particularly in Newcastle, Norfolk or Manchester, please get in touch with the team for more details.

First you need to register to participate. Once you have completed sign-up you will have your own Walking Home For Christmas profile page. You can then direct people to your unique profile page URL where they can make a donation through our secure payment gateway using a valid debit or credit card or using PayPal.

Please email [email protected] or call 07938 603 174 between 9am and 5pm. If you can take a screenshot of where the issue is that will help us resolve the issue (use the “PrtScn” button on your keyboard).

When registering with us you will have chosen a password - don't worry if you've forgotten it.

Simply click Forgotten Password in the Login area and enter your registered email address and you will be able to reset your password - make sure you enter your password accurately as all passwords are case sensitive.

Your username is the email address you registered during sign-up; if you cannot remember this or need further help, please contact us at [email protected]

Every walker has a story to tell and all coverage spreads the word and inspires others to get involved. Make sure you update your profile page with a photo and the story behind your walk.

Then contact your local media (radio, news website, news paper, regional TV etc) as well as local veterans groups and walking groups.

Could your local paper make WHFC its Christmas campaign? If you get interest and the journalist wants images, logos or a quote then please contact [email protected]

Don’t forget to tell your employer for internal newsletters/monthly email updates and trade media to get some positive PR for your business, and/or tell any clubs you are part of.

On social media: You can use #WalkingHomeForChristmas on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to join the online buzz. Share photos of your walk and training so we can see them and share them on our channels to show off your efforts and inspire others.

Adding photo updates to your page are a really good way of encouraging more donations – along with thanking your donors publicly on your social channels.

Don’t forget to tell people in your WhatsApp groups and challenge your connections on LinkedIn to support you or get involved themselves.

Yes, of course. Please email us on [email protected]

You can pay money in however suits you:

Cheques (inc CAF) - Marked payable to “Walking With The Wounded” and sent to Walking With The Wounded, Stody Hall Barns, Stody, Melton Constable NR242ED. Please make sure you write your name, contact details and WHFC 2023 on the back.

Online – Pay money into your WHFC fundraising page. This is then automatically transferred to the charity each week.

WWTW charity bank account - If you need to make a money transfer please use: Sort Code: 20-30-81 Account Number: 33616436. Make sure you use the reference WHFC2023 and your individual/team name

Don’t forget to send in any cash as soon as you can so we can add this to your WHFC page so your friends can see your good work and nudge you up the leaderboard too. Whilst we try to encourage all donations to be made online via an individual or team's profile page, we realise this isn't possible for everybody. So there’s a form available for people to download and print in order to send in cash donations... Don’t worry it’s all very straightforward.

Sponsorship form to capture GIFT AID - Download Here

When you’ve collected all your cash, please send a cheque for the total cash donation amount and the completed Donation Form to the address above.

Please remember:

  • Offline donations will show on your page within 5 days of receipt. Please note the office will be closed over Christmas, therefore any offline donations will be added to your page at the start of January.
  • Please make cheques/CAF cheques/postal orders payable to: Walking With The Wounded (and make sure you write your name and ‘WHFC 2023’ on the back).
  • Please do not send cash through the post.
  • We will update your profile page once we have received and processed your donations to show the cash donations made – which will bump you up the leaderboard. You will also receive an email letting you know that your cash donations have been added.
  • Facebook Fundraisers - the money from these comes automatically to WWTW two weeks AFTER the Facebook Fundraiser has finished.
  • Justgiving - Any money raised on these pages is automatically paid to WWTW each fortnight.

There are strict rules on charity collections. You need a licence from most councils for street collections and permission from the property owner for any collections in a private place. We can send you a collection tin to use when on private property to collect in your workplace, gym or clubhouse for example or to collect cash donations from your group during your walk. Please email [email protected] with your request.

The money raised by Walking Home For Christmas funds Walking With The Wounded's programmes supporting ex-military and their families who are most in need - empowering them to thrive once more in their communities.

See the HOW WE HELP page on the website for more information.

We're proud that currently 80p in every £1 raised is spent delivering our programmes, 20p is spent on income generation and governance to achieve the next £1 and ensure we put the client first in how we run our programmes. You can read more on this on the Charity Commission website.

WWTW is a registered charity in England and Wales (no. 1153497) and Scotland (no. SCO47760).

WWTW is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and independently audited each year.

You can read more case studies of the men and women your efforts support by visiting www.wwtw.org.uk.

All the money raised from Walking Home For Christmas goes to Walking With The Wounded which is registered with the Charity Commission who require annual audited accounts and show the percentage that every charity spends on its charitable programmes.

We are proud that 80p in every £1 we raise gets spent on our programmes, with 20p spent on fundraising and governance.

To see WWTW's full breakdown of charitable spending, please visit the Charity Commission website.

Gift Aid is a great opportunity for donors to make their voluntary donations to the campaign worth 25% more – without spending an extra penny. It enables charities like ours to claim the basic tax that donors have paid on their donations back from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). If every supporter agreed to Gift Aid it would raise hundreds of thousands of pounds more to support men and women who served.

To be eligible to add Gift Aid to your donation you must be a UK tax payer and you must have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for the current tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that you donate to will reclaim on my gifts for the current tax year. Other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. The charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that you have given.

Please check your junk email folder. Sadly the amount of SPAM going around the internet means junk mail filters are becoming more and more complex. It is difficult for us to be 100% sure that your donation receipt will be delivered to your inbox successfully. If the receipt is not in your junk folder and you still haven't received it after a couple of hours please contact us at [email protected]

Security is an important priority for us and we are committed to protecting your privacy. We use up-to-date technology available to protect your personal details. To avoid the risk of computer fraud, your debit/credit card number is not stored in our system at any point in the payment process.

Please see our privacy policy at the bottom of this page for further information. All debit/credit card transactions are encrypted before transmission using 256 bit SSL encryption. Please click on the SSL Seal in the URL area of a participant or team profile page to verify our details.

Walking Home For Christmas uses Stripe as our payment gateways.

Got another question?

Please call on 07761 747 029 or email [email protected]

Thank you for your support

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