Lee Jones donated £122.00
Stone Master Marathoners donated £55.00
Joanne Belle donated £10.00
Chris Varley donated £50.00
Veterans Breakfast Club donated £60.00
Belle Hughes donated £10.00
Julie Boulton donated £10.00
Jane Weston donated £5.00
Fiona Bradley donated £10.05
Anne Coghlan donated £10.45

Where does the money go?

At the heart of our mission is a simple belief - that those who served, deserve.

Whether mentally wounded, socially wounded or physically wounded, they deserve the care, support and means they and their families need to function in society, serving in the communities in which they live, reigniting their sense of purpose and making a positive contribution again. Walking With The Wounded gets those who’ve served – and their families - back on their feet. Your support and fundraising will help make a critical difference this Christmas and beyond.


Mental Health Care

Quick Reaction Fund to support those struggling

Care coordination

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