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Walking Home For Christmas is Walking With The Wounded's annual walking challenge to raise funds for those who served.

This year...

Do something different this year and take part in Walking Home For Christmas! Please sign up below to receive your free materials and enjoy the challenge.

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Serve those who served us and are in need of urgent mental health care this Christmas compounded by the pandemic.

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How your money helps

The money you raise will be used by Walking With The Wounded to support ex-military in need of mental health care including through work with its principal partner the NHS. Our programmes have been independently reviewed twice - showing that our therapy has a lasting impact, empowering our beneficiaries to thrive once more.

Every £30 raised can fund a 1-2-1 online therapy session for a veteran or family member.

How it works - it couldn't be easier!

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1. Sign up

Get your hat, facemask, pack and we’ll create your profile page.

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2. Raise money

Inspire friends, family or colleagues to donate, join you, or do their own walk.

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3. Get walking

Walk home or somewhere important to you, anytime 10-20 Dec!

The brilliant benefits of Walking Home For Christmas

Walking Home For Christmas won’t win you medals but it will earn you respect and headspace as we head into a winter of uncertainty which will particularly hit ex-military struggling with mental health issues.

  • You’ll feel proud of braving the weather.
  • You’ll have your own story to tell over Christmas and beyond.
  • You’ll love the camaraderie of your covid-compliant* adventure.
  • You’ll support ex-military who’ve walked in far more dangerous places for us.

*participants must respect government guidelines and local restrictions.

Signing up is quick, easy and free!

Start your Walking Home For Christmas registration by filling in your email and creating a password below. Once you've signed up, you will get your very own unique profile page to share with friends and family to receive donations.

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