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Walks of the week 2.0

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As Walking Home For Christmas comes to a close this weekend, we're taking a look at some of the walks of the week... 

Team Bimble, comprising of military and civilians are virtually walking the length of The Maginot Line, a line of fortifications built in the 1930s to fend off the threat of a German invasion. The team will be covering a whopping 280 miles between them. 

The team, Be Your Own Hero completed did a 13km walk over Bleaklow in the Peak District during rain, sleet and 100mph winds. Managing to raise over £1600 for Walking with the Wounded.

The group, Plymouth Veterans walked from Plymouth to Dartmoor and back. Covering 22 miles as a group and raising over £2k.

Institute of Supply Chain Management walked two routes, one around Crimdon Dean and a smaller team walked from Darlington Cenotaph to Durham Cenotaph, 22 Miles, all completed with some tired legs, it took 6 Hours in what can only described as an outstanding achievement.

Last Saturday, Michaela Goldspring and her son, delivered 12 gifts around their hometown of Royston, it took them 2 and a half hours and they covered 4 and a half miles. Great work!