Every penny you raise from your walk will directly support Walking With The Wounded's employment, mental health and care coordination programmes to support those who served and are in need.

The majority of veterans transition without an issue but for a minority the path is difficult. Christmas is great if you have a home, a family, a job, the ability to buy presents and the head-space to cope with family demands, gatherings and fireworks; it's tough if you don't.


It is often said there are ‘too many military charities’ and we are often asked, ‘Why are you different?’

The many organisations which exist provide a wide breadth of service and care for British ex-military, and long may they continue to do so.

We ensure our services are compatible with theirs, and we work closely with all the major charities, as collaboration lies at the core of our ethos. We collaborate with more than 200 organisations.

We are different because we focus on the most vulnerable veterans, those who are the hardest to reach, those who have found the transition from the military into the civilian world challenging, and now find themselves on a downward spiral that few help them break.


To us these people are as deserving as any other ex-serviceman or woman and the impact of supporting them is the most meaningful to the rest of the country, both from a financial and empathetic perspective.

Addressing persistent social issues through early intervention and support not only has a significant effect on the individual and their family, but it prevents a further downward spiral impacting all society.

They should be valued and have the skills and determination to make a valuable contribution to their communities once more - with your generous support.

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ex-military and family members supported by Walking With The Wounded in 2019 thanks to our fundraisers.


mental health sessions delivered in 2019 through Walking With The Wounded's network and within an average of 7 miles of their home.


is the average cost for a veteran to receive 12 mental health therapy sessions - crucially starting within an average of 5 days.

By Walking Home For Christmas you're supporting people like...


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"Christmas is no longer just another day"

Brendan served in 3 Para and as an Army medic. Walking With The Wounded helped him return to work and get his confidence back.