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Anthony, 61, from Norfolk, Royal Armoured Corps & 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards

By Walking With The Wounded on

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Joined the Army at 16, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, and served 16 years with tours in Germany, Sinai (Egypt), Beirut and five tours in N.Ireland. His mental health declined in the Army but Anthony said, “the last thing I wanted to do was lose my command. I clammed up and didn’t dare talk about it. You keep it to yourself; us men clam up.”

Decades later his wife persuaded him to seek help and he was referred to WWTW by Combat Stress.

“I’d been having flashbacks for the past 26 years but hadn’t spoken to my wife about them. I can talk about what I saw now. I couldn’t talk to people before without breaking down, or shaking. Now I can. The funny thing is my wife noticed the difference (the treatment) made to me. It’s like being married all over again.”