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Gift Aid: Unlocking Additional Support for Veterans

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At Walking With The Wounded, we are dedicated to supporting ex-Forces men and women in their journey to rebuild their lives after serving their country. We provide vital support in various forms, including employment, mental health support, and support care coordination. However, to continue our mission effectively, we rely on the generosity of our supporters.

One way individuals can significantly enhance their donations is by understanding and utilising Gift Aid.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a UK government scheme designed to boost the value of donations made to charities like Walking With The Wounded. Through Gift Aid, charities can reclaim 25p every time a UK taxpayer donates 1, at no additional cost to you. This additional funding...

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10 Ways To Increase Your Fundraising This Christmas

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During this festive season, we understand that finances can be tight for everyone, that is why we want to highlight 10 ways to boost your donation efforts for Walking Home For Christmas:

1. Gift Aid: Don't forget to encourage everyone to claim Gift Aid on their donations, and if you're eligible, make sure to claim it for your contributions as well. At no extra cost to anyone, this allows an additional 25p to be added to every pound donated. Every one of those pennies goes directly toward assisting veterans and their families who need our support to rebuild their lives.

2. Matched Funding: An increasing number of organisations are willing to match the funds you raise. The best part is that it won't cost you or your supporters anything...

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How you can help this Christmas

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Thinking about getting involved in Walking Home For Christmas?

We sat down with long-time supporter, Maria Fisher, to find out why she takes part in WHFC every year.

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Best Walk Ideas 2020

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Best Walk Ideas 2020

Windsor to Big Ben  - Making the most of the Christmas break, Darren and his family will be taking on a 3-day stroll along the River Thames from Windsor to Big Ben, covering 48 miles!

The School Commute - After their successful 6-mile walk to school last year, the now-9-year-old Harry is back again and this time he's planning an even bigger challenge with mum Jennifer, walking 16 miles across their hometown.

The 100 Mile Stretcher - After taking part for the last couple of years, Michael decided that walking 100 miles wasn't quite far enough for the guys and girls he trains to pursue a career in the army. This year, his team will be taking part in a 100 mile walk, walking laps of York Race Course, carrying a...

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