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Brendan, 60, from Colchester, ex 3 Para & Army Medic

By Walking With The Wounded on

Every penny you raise for Walking Home For Christmas will support people like Brendan...

Served in N.Ireland, Kosovo and the Falklands in a 12 year spell with 3 Para before doing a further 14 years as an Army Medic.  

He was diagnosed with PTSD believed to be from his first-hand involvement of treating casualties returning from various conflicts – and was reluctantly medically discharged from the Army two years after suffering a stroke.

Brendan was referred to the NHS Veterans team after his PTSD flared up while being treated in hospital for an infection. They referred him to WWTW to find a job which would help with his mental health.

"Mentally, I was on the floor when I was referred to WWTW. My Employment Advisor picked me up and changed my life 100 percent. He is worth his weight in gold.’"

Brendan was keen to kick-start his own business as a Personal Trainer for the disabled. Thanks to WWTW and Brendan’s active determination, he now has 6 individuals and a care home as clients, and he has turned his garage into a gym for his training sessions.

Brendan is extremely happy with how things have worked out and both his mental state and physical health have improved now that he has a focus in life.

"Walking With The Wounded has done so much for me. If anyone ever finds they’re in a bad situation, they should get in touch and get help."